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Steps to excellence is a strategic consultancy for
innovation, product, and design management.

powered by Florian Weiß

Design and innovation is becoming more and more an important competitive advantage. Here, the right management and the internal and external communication plays a crucial role.

In addition to the development, implementation and optimization of the design, brand and innovation strategy, we are providing the instruments that increase the awareness of the client‘s brand and the processes and tools that lead to better innovations.

Innovation Management

Competitive advantage and growth through customer-centric innovations.

Customer Experience Management

Market penetration through managing a holistic end-to-end customer experience.

Deutsche Telekom

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Marketing Science and the Chinese Shopper

Marketing Science deals with the fundamental principles and laws of marketing, the side of buying and the side of selling. Its goal is to develop generalisable knowledge and scientific laws, which forms the basis for evidence-based marketing. Marketing Science begins to influence the marketing profession fundamentally by de-mystyfing many marketing [...]

MBA thesis on Marketing Performance and Marketing Science

In March 2015, I completed my MBA thesis on "Marketing Performance - Improving marketing core activities through empirical consumer and shopper insights in the FMCG sector". The thesis analysis which marketing factors are important for brand growth and market penetration and what this means for the management of marketing, innovation [...]

The future of marketing has arrived: insight-driven & real-time

Consistent, seamless Customer Experience Management involves a high degree of complexity, including large product portfolios, many touch points and multiple channels. The consumer expects a consistent customer experience, consistent products, consistent prices, consistent search and consistent advertising. New approaches in dealing with customer insights and digital marketing are necessary to [...]

Measuring design effectiveness

With shrinking design budgets due to the financial situation in many companies, design managers, like most professions, are trying to explain themselves and justify their value. Occasionally, efforts made in this cause appear too obsessive. Terms like key performance indicators, critical success factors and performance management systems are becoming part [...]