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In the domain of Organizational Development, my expertise covers digital and agile transformations for large enterprises, as well as the setup of dedicated innovation departments and new business units. A systemic perspective (rooted in sociology) and cultural development are cornerstones of my organizational transformation practice.

  • Strategic HR Development: While working in the human resource departments I have initatied and worked on strategic HR initatives (incl. New Work, Wellbeing and Culture Initiatives) to adapt to evolving work trends and technologies, ensuring relevance, engagement and competitiveness.

  • Organisational Design & Transformations: I have designed, consulted on and introduced flexible organisational structures at scale. Through ongoing interventions, I facilitated organisational change, e.g. adopting digital technologies and agile methodologies for enhanced adaptability and innovation.

  • Process Optimisation: I have analysed, optimized and streamlied workflows and procedures to increase efficiency and reduce operational bottlenecks within organizations. This includes automatization of complete workflow processes to dramatically minimize hand-over times.

  • Culture Analysis & Development: The supreme discipline of organisational development is the organisation and culture analysis. I have analysed corporate cultures and derived interventions to faciliate the required change that align with the company’s values and objectives.

My diverse portfolio in organisational development includes organisational design (structure), leadership development, ways of working, decision-making & governance processes, cultural development and work environment (physical and digital).

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Florian Weiß
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