About Me

Hello, I’m Florian Weiß, an Organisational Development Expert with 19+ years of professional experience. I excel as a results-oriented, tech-savvy visionary in systemic consultancy, coaching, and transformation leadership.

I previously served as a disciplinary leader at Deutsche Telekom, gaining valuable hands-on experience in leadership.

My education spans Design Management (MA) and Business Management (MBA) in Germany, Italy, and Finland. Alongside various agile and systemic certifications, I’m a certified business trainer and coach (DVCT).

Passionate about innovation, group dynamics, psychology, and sociology, I’m dedicated to enhancing organizational management. Beyond the business realm, I enjoy running, meditation, yoga, and dancing. As a seasoned Ultramarathon enthusiast in cycling and running, I’m always up for a challenge.

Focusing on shaping the future of work, my people-centric approach empowers organizations to thrive in our ever-evolving landscape. Get in contact if you are interested.

About Steps to Excellence

Founded in 2013, “Steps to Excellence” emerged from my nine-year tenure at an innovation and design management consultancy. As the founder, I operate both independently and collaboratively, seamlessly integrating skilled professionals from my network on a project basis.

The philosophy of excellence is strongly influenced by Aristotle. He perceived excellence as an ongoing process involving renewal and refinement, demanding heightened effort and practice. Aristotle championed striving for excellence across life’s facets, including morality, behavior, learning, and friendships.

Practical leadership applications of Aristotle’s excellence involves qualities like courage, justice, temperance, and wisdom. A good leader, per Aristotle, listens to others, leads by example, and nurtures an environment of excellence.

Aristotle underscored the importance of cultivating relationships with care and effort, emphasizing open-mindedness, trustworthiness, and kindness for excellence in interpersonal connections.

I believe in the gradual pursuit of excellence, recognizing that continuous improvement, particularly in innovation, comes from learning, embracing failures, and refining processes.

In the realm of innovation, where mistakes are a crucial source of inspiration, “Steps to Excellence” focuses on the entire spectrum — the innovation process, strategy, people, organization, culture, and, ultimately, achieving results. My mission is to guide you and your team on the journey to excellence, recognizing that excellence is the gradual outcome of always striving to do better.

Adapt and Grow Yourself, your Team, your Business. Step up to excellence.