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In the domain of Team Development, I’ve been at the forefront of designing and implementing programs that nurture team dynamics and to establish the right circumstances on enterprise level for High Performaning Teams to emerge. As Agile Coach and Head of the Agile Coaches and Facilitators at Deutsche Telekom AG, I have plenty experiences to guide teams through difficult times.

  • Team Development: As an Agile Coach, I have facilitated and trained teams in nurturing team dynamics, leveraging continuous improvement and achieve tangible results. My experience includes addressing conflicts within teams, utilizing strategies to promote open communication and build resilient team relationships.

  • Conflict Resolution: My experiences includes building the capabilities in teams to deal with tensions, providing strategies and interventions to address and mitigate conflicts within teams and helping the team to build a psychological safe environment, where it is safe to embrace diverse opinions..

  • High Performing Teams: I have driven initatives to cultivate the necessary conditions and strategies to elevate teams to their fullest potential, achieving exceptional performance and results. This includes assessing team performance, having strategies for right team constellations and designing enabling programms at scale.

  • Digital & Hybrid Collaboration: In the evolving landscape of remote and hybrid work, I’ve actively championed digital tools to enhance collaboration by leveraging digital tools and strategies for seamless collaboration in both virtual and hybrid work settings.

My diverse portfolio in team development includes team coaching, conflict resolution, group dynamic trainings, scaling High Performing Team initiatives, Lean and agile practices (incl. Kanban, Scrum, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Lean Management, SAFe, Holocracy), measuring team performance, etc.

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Florian Weiß
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