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Within the domain of leadership development, I am drawing from my own experience as disciplinary leader, the experience of mentoring and coaching diverse leaders and from designing diverse and effective leadership programms.

  • Coaching & Mentoring: I provide coaching and mentoring to (executive) leaders, fostering their growth and enhancing their leadership skills. As Agile Coach I have supported many Product Owners and team leads to find their own effective leadership style.

  • Systemic Leadership: A distinct aspect of my approach involves hands-on group dynamic training for leadership groups, which I have done for many years. My leadership trainings delve into the intricacies of effective and systemic leadership, emphasizing communication, decision-making, and emotional intelligence. Gain a systemic perspective on leadership and how organisations work.

  • Leading Over Distance: Experienced in synchronuous and asynchronuous working, I equip leaders with the skills and tool knowledge necessary to lead effectively in the digital landscape, bridging gaps and fostering connections despite geographical distances.

  • Mindfulness & Resilience: By integrating mindfulness practices into leadership training, I aim to equip leaders with the tools to navigate stress, enhance focus, and foster a positive work culture. I offer techniques and practices that empower leaders to cultivate resilience, mindfulness, and inner balance through meditation.

My diverse portfolio in leadership development includes group dynamic trainigs for leaders, coaching & mentoring, designing & facilitating leadership trainings and resilience & mindfulness practices.

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Florian Weiß
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