Must win battles on the path to purchase


Jan Carlzon, president of Scandinavia Airline, wrote a book titled 'Moments of Truth' in 1986. The basic idea of the book is that decisions are like processes which are comprised of various critical moments in which the product must be better than the competition. The most important moments need to [...]

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Marketing Science and the Chinese Shopper


Marketing Science deals with the fundamental principles and laws of marketing, the side of buying and the side of selling. Its goal is to develop generalisable knowledge and scientific laws, which forms the basis for evidence-based marketing. Marketing Science begins to influence the marketing profession fundamentally by de-mystyfing many marketing [...]

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MBA thesis on Marketing Performance and Marketing Science


In March 2015, I completed my MBA thesis on "Marketing Performance - Improving marketing core activities through empirical consumer and shopper insights in the FMCG sector". The thesis analysis which marketing factors are important for brand growth and market penetration and what this means for the management of marketing, innovation [...]

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Spend advertisement budget wisely


In a complex and fragmented media world, it is increasingly difficult to maximize the return on investment of the media budget. Thoughtful mass marketing, the continued presence and consistent advertising (to refresh memory structures) is necessary to growth and defend the market share. A budget distribution across multiple media leads [...]

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Amazon at the kitchen table


Digital technologies have already affected the purchasing behavior fundamentally. A highly complex ecosystem has changed how we interact with brands and buy products. The use of digital technologies affect every step of the traditional path-to-purchase: Explore, Search, Locate, Purchase and After Sales. The new path-to-purchase is much more dynamic and [...]

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The future of marketing has arrived: insight-driven & real-time


Consistent, seamless Customer Experience Management involves a high degree of complexity, including large product portfolios, many touch points and multiple channels. The consumer expects a consistent customer experience, consistent products, consistent prices, consistent search and consistent advertising. New approaches in dealing with customer insights and digital marketing are necessary to [...]

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The basics of BASES: Designing for Simulated Test Marketing


In most companies product development concepts are tested on their market potential before going into market. Since many marketeers (and their bosses) heavily rely on the test-results for giving green light to continue with the next phase, it is important to understand how this testing actually works. In more than [...]

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