The value of design: Re-inspired

Last week the 15th European Design Management conference took place in Amsterdam, organized by the Design Management Institute.

Every year the conference brings together design management professionals, to discuss and listen to hot topics in managing design. This year the conference was co-chaired by PARK (my former employer) and the whole team helped to run this event. I (aspart of the facilitation team) was happy to hear that the conference was perceived as a success with the right mixture of speakers, a nice venue and active participation in workshops.

While there are many reflections on the conference on blogs and twitter, one opinion is standing out and provides a high-level sketchnote impression of the conference. The interactive sketchnote presentation offers a lot of great information and resources. Very nicely done, by the guys from

I enjoyed the conference a lot and appreciate that the design management community is becoming more professional. Looking forward to meet you on the next conference.

Keep up the good spirit and motivation!