The result of good partnership

Last Saturday I visited the Danish Design Center (DDC) in Copenhagen and was surprised to see a large poster (3x3m) that we created for our client LEGO. It was part of the exhibition with the topic The result of good partnership – 10 examples of successful design. The exhibition presented examples that are the result of a fruitful collaboration between a Danish company or public institution and a design firm that led to innovative solutions. Initially the poster was created to communicate all the work we did for LEGO during the last seven years, apparently LEGO is satisfied with the work we did and want to share this with the world outside. Here is the text of the exhibition:


LEGO developement process

The LEGO Group, PARK (my former employer)

Recent years have not been easy for LEGO. After several attempts with compensating strategies in the 1990s and the first years of the 21st century, LEGO decided to focus on the company’s core and most popular product – with an emphasis on the classic product line. The challenge for LEGO was to develop a 7-year design strategy with a more holistic approach to innovation.

LEGO joined forces with the design management consultancy PARK advanced design management, which was asked to provide a framework for discussions among those responsible for the design and with all the relevant stakeholders and for visualising the outcome of the process. As part of the process, a new design system was developed: Design for Business (D4B), which facilitates and ensures consistency among all LEGO’s projects and design activities.

Today, the D4B process and tools describe the core of LEGO’s development processes, including a shared language about innovation, the right deliveries on time, synergy between marketing, design and product development, and better insight into the design process for non-designers. LEGO’s efforts have resulted in renewed growth for the company and a first place in the Innovation Cup 2009.

Design discipline: Design Management
Method: Design Thinking
Company: The LEGO Group
Consultancy: PARK advanced design management