on team level

Competitive advantage and growth through customer-centric innovations.

on organizational level

Flexible organization through creating the conditions for agile transformation.


Excellence in choosing what to do.


Excellence in doing it.

Introduction Workshops to Academies

The introduction workshops provides insights and a brief understanding of the mindsets and methods of design thinking. The participants are led through a full design cycle, by analysing, ideating prototyping and validating. Formats can vary from 90 min introductions to one-year academy programs for rolling out design thinking corporate-wide.

Options include:

  • 90 min to 4 hours Introductions
  • 1 to 3 day Bootcamps
  • monthly training programs
  • Conferences
  • Corporate-wide Design Academies

Custom Design Sprints

The design sprints are customized, facilitated series of workshops and coaching sessions that focus on existing real-life problems of the team. It ranges from one-time 2-day sprints on a specific problem, e.g. business model generation, to coaching and facilitation sessions along the complete project development process.

Options include:

  • 2-Day Sprints
  • Weeklong Sprints
  • Project-based coaching and facilitation

Deep Dives

Deep dives are for advanced teams that already have experience with design thinking: The format builds up on the existing expertise of the team and deepens the understanding of specific tools and methods.

Options include:

  • Advanced Explorative Research Methods
  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • Job-to-be-done Analysis
  • Persona Development
  • Ideation Techniques
  • Value proposition and Business Model Design
  • Advanced Prototyping & Validation Methods

Brand & Design Strategy

Build a strong brand and focus your marketing efforts, e.g. brand strategy and architecture, brand equity assessment, marketing performance management.

Options include:

  • Design & Innovation Strategy
  • Design Language Development
  • Executive Decision Papers

Innovation & Design Management Audit

Audit and benchmark the status quo of design and innovation efforts in your organisation. Develop an departamental strategy to become better than competitors.

Options include:

  • Status Quo Analysis of Organisation
  • Department Strategy Definition
  • Competitive Benchmarks

Programm & Project Management

Managing innovation projects and change programmes of innovation initiatives. Coaching light-house projects.

Options include:

  • Change Management of Innovation Initiatives
  • Programm Management
  • Project Management
  • Project Coaching

Ideation & Concept Development

Create value that makes a difference in people’s life through product and service innovations, e.g. concept creation workshops for products and services, value-driven research.

Options include:

  • Ideation Workshops
  • Concept Development & Validation Workshops

Business Modeling & Value Propositions

Build a strong business model around your product and services, e.g. Business Model Design e.g. business model workshops, value network creation.

Options include:

  • Business Model Development
  • Value Proposition Defintion
  • Value Network Analysis
Design Language Workshop (Nordborg, DK)

Omni-Channel Management

Ochestrate all customer-facing touch points to deliver one coherent customer experience, e.g. touch point alignment, customer experience audit.

Options include:

  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • Channel Orchestration & Harmonisation
  • Experience Strategy Definition

Ways of Working & Processoptimization

Optimize processes, tools and systems for design and innovation management.

Options include:

  • Processoptimization
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Best Practice Definition
  • Methods & Tool Definition and Training

Innovation Organisation Setup

Establish an innovation organisation and improve ROI of innovation initiatives e.g. innovation department setup, innovation programs and strategies, competence development, effectiveness and efficiency of processes.

Options include:

  • Setup of Innovation Departments
  • Career Path Definition
  • Innovation and Concept Development Processes