About Steps to Excellence

In 2013, Florian Weiß founded the consultancy “Steps to Excellence” after being employed for 10+ years at an innovation and design management consultancy. The brand “Steps to Excellence” allows him to work as a freelancer but also to integrate co-workers from his network on a project base.

About Florian Weiß

  • 10+years of professional experience
  • Long track-record of clients in different industries & countries
  • Educated in Design Management and Business Management in Germany / Italy / Finland
  • Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Certified business trainer and business coach (by DVCT und DVNLP)
  • Highly passionate about innovation, project, and design management

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Why the name Steps to Excellence ?

Excellence is about being outstanding, achieving brilliance, greatness and distinction. It is about getting the best out of you, your team and your company and achieving great results. However there is a big mistake many people make in life, they confuse excellence with perfection.

By striving for perfection they are setting unrealistic goals, which are impossible to reach, but nobody is perfect. Perfection is often not efficient, since overinvesting may not result in greater outcome. Less effort can lead to similiar, sometimes better results. A research paper from Ricardo Chiva and Joaquin Alegre (Investment in Design and Firm Performance, 2009) shows the evidence that not the investment in Design results in better financial outcomes, but the quality of the design management.

The difference between perfection and excellence is that with excellence failures and mistakes are accepted and used as a source for learning and inspiration. Instead with perfection, you do not permit weakness, everything must be perfect at all times. But without learning from mistakes, you can not improve yourself. It is simply not possible to be the best at something first time round. Therefore it is better to strive for excellence, not for perfection.

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.” Pat Riley, NBA basketball coach

In the area of innovation, learning from mistakes and failures is crucial. It is the source for inspiration and gradual improving the result leads to competitive advantage. Accepting mistakes as a part of the process is one of the fundamental principals of great innovators. In the end, results are all that matters, but if we only focus on results and end up not achieving them, all efforts are worthless. With Steps to Excellence I focus on the innovation process, the strategy, the people, the organisation, the culture as well as the results. My mission is to help you and your team stepping up to excellence!

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