Design Management Award – another arbitrary design award?


Design is one of the major European resources and is increasingly seen as a key element of successful and innovative companies. The European Union has recognized this and initiated the current only Design Management Award, which last year marked the fifth time. Its goal is to promote innovation in small [...]

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Engage silent designers


Design managers in technology-oriented companies often face the challenge to create awareness for design throughout the company. Many design related decisions are made by employees with no or limited design knowledge. Those people are not educated as designers, but make decisions that have an impact on the final design of [...]

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Innovating design management education


Next month the Universities Act of the Finnish Aalto University will come into effect, which was approved by the Parliament a month ago. According to the new law, the Aalto university will become effective in January 2010 and this is an important step for the new institution which is a [...]

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