Design Management Award – another arbitrary design award?


Design is one of the major European resources and is increasingly seen as a key element of successful and innovative companies. The European Union has recognized this and initiated the current only Design Management Award, which last year marked the fifth time. Its goal is to promote innovation in small [...]

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What is design management?


Searching for "design management" in the internet delivers thousands of results: Designdirectory: 1.445 agencies DMI: 2.126 members Amazon: 5.489 books Wordpress: 194.501 blogs Google: 1.160.000 websites Bing: 612.000.000 websites Design management is multifaceted and there are many different perspectives on the definition of design management. In 45 years, we still [...]

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What now, what next, where to?


Design management reaches the age of 45 (counting from the first publication in 1965) and is now in the middle of its midlife crisis, if we look on the current debates in the design management community. Inspired by Elvis, I raise the questions: What now, what next, where [...]

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Design management on EU level


As you may have heard, last year was the European year of Creativity and Innovation. Shortly after New Year's Eve it might be a good time to look back (and out) which role innovation, design and design management plays on EU level. There have been several initiatives by the European [...]

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